Professional doctorates versus traditional PhD programmes

Posted by kineblog on November 21, 2007

Ă€ quelques jours du forum de Bologne 2010, organisĂ© par Pierre Trudelle, Ă  Paris, j’exhume (nov 2006, provenance FysioExpo, Amsterdam) le document ci-dessous, mais Ă  l’usage exclusif de ceux qui ont pĂ©cho des bouts d’ECTS en anglais mĂ©dical…arf, arf!!!
Physiotherapy on the road of experience – but what does the future hold?
Developments in physiotherapy in the UK
Professor Ann P Moore
Director, Clinical Research Centre for Health Professions, University of Brighton

Après une intro assez amusante, on découvre ceci:

• 1980’s & 90’s MSc programmes flourish
• 1980’s & 90’s Doctoral level study opportunities develop
• By 1990 6 physiotherapists in UK with PhD’s
• 2004 approximately 200 physiotherapists with PhD’s
• 2000 + Professional Doctorate programmes in health begin to develop
• 2003 The first Professional Doctorate
in Physiotherapy developed at University of Brighton

…The physiotherapy profession has come a long way on its road of experience in a short time, but the profession varies internationally in terms of academic development… c’est bien le moins qu’on puisse en dire!

Je laisse donc aux seuls esprits curieux le soin de découvrir la suite en téléchargeant ce pdf de 56 courtes pages instructives.


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